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      2. MIDO - Ocean Star Diver 600 - M026.608.11.041.00 - Special Page
        MIDO - Multifort Patrimony - M040.407.16.040.00 - Homepage
        Multifort Chronometer1 - M038.431.37.051.00
        MIDO Baroncelli Lady Day & Night - M039. - Top

        Mido X Red Bull Cliff Diving

        MIDO is the Official Performance Partner of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2019!

        Extreme precision, high performance and pure aesthetics: these are the common values between Mido and the breath taking sport of cliff diving.

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        MIDO | Caliber 80



        Beneath the retro exterior of the Multifort Patrimony resides a latest-generation automatic movement: the Caliber 80, which provides this timepiece with up to 80 hours of power reserve. The pulsimeter scale on the edge of the dial, the box sapphire[...]

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